BWT Bestmax X

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BWT bestmax X filter cartridge

Ideal for gastronomy and the vending area. Raw water has to be optimized for the special requirements in gastronomy (HORECA). With BWT bestmax X, you have a universal filter system that masters this task efficiently and easily. The filter system consists of the filter cartridge with three filter stages and screwed-on BWT besthead filter head (can be ordered separately). Depending on the water hardness and requirements, the by-pass side flow (0 – 3) is set on the filter head. Check valves in the filter head prevent water from flowing back into the drinking water pipe or the filter cartridge and protect against uncontrolled water leakage. BWT bestmax filter systems in food quality are pressure-resistant and safe. They can be operated on any drinking water system worldwide. Filter system for optimizing water for coffee machines, espresso machines, office coffee systems, vending machines, combi steamers, ovens and cold beverage supply.

Can be used vertically and horizontally.

Weight in kg (dry/wet): 0.5/1.1

Operating conditions
Inlet pressure: 2-8 bar
Water temperature: 4-30 °C
Ambient temperature: 4-40 °C

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