Rhea Luce Zero.0 Espresso

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Model PressoBean.
With whole beans for cult drinks such as coffee, espresso, cappuccino and more.
A selection like in the coffee shop.
Freshly ground, briefly and well brewed at 92°C, our PressoBean system conjures up a fine crema with 9 bar pressure.
Direct connection to the water pipe - for better water quality, connect a filter between the pipe and the machine to get a perfect hot drink.
Variflex®9g The brewer that allows a coffee volume of 6-9 g and a water volume of 30 - 180 ml. The variable contact pressure makes it easy to fulfill almost any beverage request.
Integrated bucket elevator - 180cc
Payment system preparation coin changer
Cashless payment system possible
Height in mm 1830
Width in mm 640
Depth in mm 705
Output height in mm 140
Curb weight in kg120
Connection 230V
Power 3100 watts

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