Kalea PLUS FM with 2 grinders, 1 powder dispenser and fresh milk

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Direct dialing via HD touchscreen

Low maintenance costs
Can be used flexibly with 2 grinders + cocoa powder, cocoa powder and milk powder or milk topping and fresh milk

Hot water dispenser and steam lance

Easy cleaning
220V operation optimal
Up to 150 cups per day
Simple operation and programming through 7`` touchscreen
Large brewing group for a lot of taste (Z4000 with up to 13.5g)
Very compact for high performance

KALEA PLUS with large rotary pump


Productivity: Up to 150 cups a day
Brewing group: Z4000 Horeca with 13.5g
Boiler: 2
Bean containers: 2 à 1kg
Dimension KALEA: 78cm high x 37cm wide x 59cm deep

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