Gaggia MD42D Digital Grind on Demand

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Gaggia MD42D Digital Grind on Demand.

Gaggia's MD42 D professional coffee grinder is the perfect solution for high-traffic environments in the catering and hospitality industry. Advanced Technology is housed in a compact design slim enough to stand next to a commercial coffee maker like the Gaggia Ruby Pro. Flexibility is the alpha and omega of the MD42 D coffee grinder from Gaggia. With three programmable dosages and manual dosage, this progressive coffee grinder offers the freedom that the modern barista in his café or bar. A 1kg hopper is more than enough to keep up with demand and the MD42 D grinds coffee beans at 1400rpm min for an additional bonus. When the demands of the modern gastronomy industry threaten to get out of hand, the professional Kaff eemühle MD64 from Gaggia Order in your drinks menu.

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