GAGGIA LA Radiosa 2 grinders 1powder container

Milk fridge with cup warmer: kein
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10" HD Touch Screen
Up to 12 selections per side
Up to 5 drink categories (up to 120 selections per category, up to 600 selections)
Lateral RGB LED strips (up to 256 colors)
Self-service or barista configured user interface
Customized user interface (beverage icons, customer logo and background colors)
Customizable access to programming (different access passwords)
2 beans + 1 instant or 1 bean + 2 instant available layout
Hot and cold milk froth
Innovative cleaning of the milk system
Water flow control system in preparation for coffee and instant products
Separate hot water spout
Hot Water Bypass
Adjustable dispensing head from 75mm up to 170mm
Energy saving mode: soft and deep mode
EVA-DTS file for statistics
MDB compatible (hardware and software)
USB port
Built-in WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity

Self-Regulating Grinders
Water bypass for cold drinks
4G connectivity
5 liter glass fronted refrigerator
5 liter glass fronted fridge + cup warmer
Page module for payment systems
Kit to dispose of the coffee cakes in the base cabinet

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