Gaggia G10 coffee grinder

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Gaggia G10 coffee grinder capable of grinding on demand (patented solution): ideal for locations with high peak consumption.

The next dose will be pre-ground automatically.
Grind on Demand: The dose is freshly ground and dispensed just before serving.
Manual dosing: for complete control of the dosing, the grinding is done while the filter holder presses the microswitch.
Features and Benefits
Durable steel blades: Up to 1200 kg of coffee can be ground.
Simple and precise grinding adjustment (0.002 mm) with 1.2 kg bean container and safety micro switch.
The fastest fresh coffee grinder available: Double or single doses by simply inserting the portafilter holder.
Design and Equipment:
4.3” touchscreen for easy setup: logo and language customization, dose counter programming, parameter backup, cleaning cycle warning and blade change.
USB port for transferring parameters, uploading custom images and software updates.
Elegant aluminum body with presence and durability.

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