AQA Drink Pure Loft

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  • Chrome-plated GROHE kitchen tap with C-spout
  • BWT AQA drink MP200 filter cartridge for perfect taste and reliable limescale protection (recommended from 5° dH)
  • Water mineralized with magnesium directly from the kitchen faucet
  • Separate water supply for filtered and unfiltered water
  • Filtered drinking water with 600 liters* capacity

Whether planning a new kitchen or upgrading the existing kitchen, the AQA drink Pure LOFT complete system can be integrated into almost any kitchen. The set contains all components to enjoy filtered BWT water mineralized with magnesium straight from the kitchen tap. The BWT AQA drink MP200 filter cartridge is installed horizontally or vertically directly under the sink and connected to the water pipe on the fitting.

The water can be individually selected using two levers on the GROHE fitting – either filtered, mineralized drinking water (left knob) or unfiltered, warm or cold tap water (right lever). Due to the separate water supply, the filter capacity can be used optimally.

Filter cartridge for more magnesium - more taste
The AQA drink filter cartridge is based on BWT magnesium technology, which converts your tap water into magnesium-mineralized drinking water. Substances that impair the smell and taste (chlorine), heavy metals (copper, lead, nickel) and lime are filtered out of the water and magnesium is also released into the water. Magnesium is a flavor carrier that perfectly brings out the flavors of drinks, such as coffee and tea, and food. With a filter you can save around 600 disposable plastic bottles and thus make an important contribution.

Filter change indicator
The BWT AQA Monitor is mounted directly below the sink and displays the filter capacity in relation to the water hardness and running time. The filter change indicator is connected to the filter via a flow sensor. As soon as the filter capacity is exhausted, an acoustic signal sounds. The filter cartridge can then be replaced in just a few simple steps.
  • Signal 1 x: Filter capacity will soon be exhausted.
  • Signal 2 x: Filter is exhausted and must be replaced.

One faucet - two water options
The high-quality faucet from GROHE offers two separate water channels. Depending on your needs, you decide whether you want filtered drinking water enriched with magnesium or unfiltered tap water, for washing dishes, for example.
  • Left knob: filtered, mineralized drinking water
  • Right lever: unfiltered hot or cold tap water

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